Current projects


I've always been interested in birds, and everything about them. From I was a little boy watching White-tailed Sea Eagles and helping gather seagull eggs in the spring (an old tradition in Northern Norway) I've been hooked. I like to follow the yearly cycle of birds and strive to learn as much as I can about birds.

I've got surprisingly few bird images in my collection, and most can be characterized as species portraits. I have a strong desire to make a series with and about birds, reflecting my personal relationship with these fascinating  animals.


This new geological epoch which we live in is all about how mankind has become the dominant "force of nature", meaning that we're affecting the biosphere more than all other natural processes combined. What's happening is dramatic, in terms of both social and external physical events.

The sheer number of people on our planet maintaining and striving for western-like wealth brings lots of consequences. Among these are accellerating destruction of natural habitats and biological diversity, climate change threatening living conditions for all life forms and rapid depleation of limited resources.

How does all this affect us, both as individuals and our communities?