And the winner is...

It's been a while since the vote on the best picture in 2016 was closed, so maybe it is about time to publish the results here on the blog?

It entered 31 votes, which I think is good. Voting was primarily aimed at family and colleagues. Followers on Google+ and Twitter also received an invitation.

Thanks to everyone who voted :)

First, I'll just say a little about the criteria for selecting the pictures that were included in the poll. I decided to avoid using pictures of pets, sunset and the like. I chose to pick images more because it had a distinct mood than to emphasize the subject in itself. In this way I hoped to avoid having "easy to like" images getting all the attention. And I think that it has had an effect, for most of the pictures have received votes!

And now it's time to unveil the results, First things first: here's the photo which received most votes 🙌

Candidate #6 got 6 votes in total, thats 19,4% of the votes.

Candidate #3 came second with 5 votes, 16,1% of the votes.

Third place was shared between three photos which all got 4 votes each, thats 12,9% of the votes.
This is candidate #2.

Candidate #8, also in third place

And finally the last in third place: candidate #4

These shared the sixth place with three votes each:

As number eight with two votes came this:

And the last two photos got no votes...